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:: December 2005 | #46

DTT in Denmark

Denmark is ready for an initial launch of DTT services in April 2006. Viewers will be able to access free-to-air programming from public service broadcasters including DR, DR2 and TV2 available from a single multiplex.

:: November 2005 | #45

The European Commission's role in digital television switchover

The European Commission (EC) ruled that the digital terrestrial television (DTT) subsidy given to commercial broadcasters by the media authority in Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany(MABB), amounted to illegal state aid. This could suggest that that the Commission is taking a strong position against encouragements to the speedy roll out of DTT.

:: October 2005 | #44

DTT services in Austria

Preparations are underway to launch digital terrestrial television (DTT) services in Austria. KommAustria, the broadcast regulatory authority, set 1 September 2005 as the deadline for candidates to submit their applications for a DTT licence.

:: September 2005 | #43

Planning for analogue switch-off

Currently the fastest growing television platform in Europe, digital terrestrial television (DTT) shows promising signs for the future. As the number of households replacing their analogue terrestrial television with DTT increases, governments can begin planning for analogue switch-off.

:: August 2005 | #42

DTT services in Norway

Candidates have until 30 September to submit their application for the Norwegian digital terrestrial television licenses. The government is expected to allocate a single concession for two separate licenses - a frequency usage license and a broadcast facilities license - by the end of the year.

:: July 2005 | #41

DTT services in Spain: Ready for a re-launch

Plans are underway for a re-launch of digital terrestrial television (DTT) services in Spain. With a new DTT plan tentatively agreed by government officials and broadcasters, it is likely that new DTT services will be launched on the national level in time for Christmas 2005.

:: June 2005 | #40

DTT services in Switzerland

The roll-out of digital terrestrial television (DTT) services continues in Switzerland. On 1 June 2005, the region surrounding the Léman Lake (Bassin lémanique) became the fourth region in Switzerland to launch DTT services.

:: May 2005 | #39

MHP services in Europe

Across Europe, interactive services using the DVB Multimedia Home Platform (MHP) standard have been launched on the cable, satellite and terrestrial platforms. While not formally mandated by the European Commission, MHP has been embraced as an open and interoperable standard that can be actively encouraged and promoted.

:: April 2005 | #38

Digital Terrestrial Television in Germany

Digital terrestrial television (DTT) can be credited with much of the increase of digital homes in Germany. The number of households receiving digital television has increased by 45% since the launch of digital terrestrial television (DTT) in parts of Germany.

:: March 2005 | #37

DigiTAG issues Handbook on DVB-H

Traditional broadcasting is undergoing a process of change. Television consumption is no longer confined to the living room and the services are increasingly designed for personal usage. One new pattern of use may be on a portable, handheld device for television "on-the-go".

:: February 2005 | #36

DTT in the United Kingdom

The Christmas holidays proved to be a windfall for the free-to-air digital terrestrial television (DTT) platform in the United Kingdom. The most recent sales figures suggest that 1.5 million Freeview set-top boxes were sold in this period, bringing the total number of Freeview homes to 5 million.

:: January 2005 | #35

The MPEG-4 controversy in France

In a digital switch-over approach unlike that of other countries, the French government has decided to launch free-to-air digital terrestrial television (DTT) services using the MPEG-2 standard while pay television and premium broadcast services will use the MPEG-4 standard.