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DigiTAG is the only organisation that brings together all stakeholders involved in the launch, rollout, implementation and evolution of the DTT platform. Join the platform to have your say in the future of the technology, the development of DTT markets and to protect broadcast spectrum for broadcasters.

Information for your business…

Providing information to members on DTT developments around the world. This information covers a wide range of topics, from country specific digital switchover activities to the overview of new technologies such as DVB-T2, DVB-T2 Lite and HbbTV, as well as the outcome of international conferences such as the recent WRC-12. DigiTAG commissions reports on behalf of its members on such topics as the economic impact of DTT in Europe, the evolution of terrestrial networks, HDTV in Europe, and mobile broadcasting.

  • Website – the latest news and updates available from around the world
  • Members only web portal – DTT market database, workshop reports,  presentations, membership directory, all meeting documentation, historical information on markets, details of technology developments and other members only information
  • Newsletters – in-depth market analysis on the hot topics affecting the DTT world
  • Guidelines & recommendations – on important topics such as HbbTV, LTE interference and the digital dividend
  • Handbooks – on topics ranging from DVB-T2, analogue switch-off and system software

Our members receive information and updates before the rest of the market!

Networking connecting your business…

DigiTAG members meet throughout the year at workshops, seminars, DigiTAG meetings and industry events. DigiTAG organises workshops and seminars addressing specific topics, recently these have been held in Moscow, Vienna, and Bucharest. Seminars in Geneva are organised to provide an overview of “hot topics” affecting the DTT market. Each year, the Steering Board organises four all members meetings to discuss work items, priorities and the latest developments in national DTT markets. DigiTAG working groups also convene on a regular or ad-hoc basis.

  • Conferences & Seminars – DigiTAG attends and provides speakers at key industry events join our speakers rosta
  • Exhibitions & Trade Fairs – DigiTAG has a presence at key strategic exhibitions and trade fairs promoting the work of the association and its members
  • Workshops – educate and inform new markets on the development of the standard whilst gathering information on the market for the membership

Co-ordinating the future, give your business a say…


DigiTAG co-ordinates working groups which enable our members to come together to facilitate co-operation and to align on key topics affecting the industry. DigiTAG members shape the future of DTT development guiding the direction of DTT for the benefit of the technology worldwide. DigiTAG cooperates closely with other industry groups including DVB, EBU, and BNE sharing information and jointly attending important meetings whilst representatives from these groups attend important DigiTAG events.

Working Groups

  • The Spectrum and Planning Group - is tasked with implementing the DigiTAG strategy for ensuring that UHF spectrum continues to provide quality terrestrial television services. It coordinates work with other international organisations including the Association of Commercial Television (ACT), Broadcast Networks Europe (BNE), Digital Europe, and European Broadcasting Union (EBU), monitors and provides input into the relevant international and regional organisations such as the ITU and RSPP, and shares DigiTAG study results and guidelines with key decision-makers.
  • The Market Development Group - liaises with key contacts in national markets to learn more about national DTT activities and future plans. Support is provided to national markets through best-practice guidelines and information sharing on successful DTT migration plans. This Group gathers current DTT receiver requirements and promotes regional harmonisation.
  • The Product and Service Development Group - tracks new technologies that support the evolution of the DTT platform. It provides guidelines for the harmonised adoption of new technologies and services, impact analysis of technical developments, and promotes best practices.
  • The Marketing  Group – guides the work of the DigiTAG project office in promoting the organisation and the DTT platform.


Promoting your business…

Join us in raising awareness about the importance of digital terrestrial television and help create momentum for its future development. Decision-makers, especially national regulators, must clearly understand the economic, technical and social benefits provided by the DTT platform. DigiTAG promotes and shares DTT best practices and encourages harmonisation and interoperability between service providers.

  • Press Releases & Editorial articles – issuing important public announcements of DVB activities, events and milestones
  • Communicating with members – regular newsletters and information is sent to our members to ensure they are kept up to date with the latest developments in the market
  • Communicating with the DTT industry & markets – opportunities are available to promote your business through our communications, at our events and at key industry events


You may join DigiTAG anytime during the year. The DigiTAG Statutes and the membership signature form are available here.