SYSTEM Software updates

Implementing DVB-SSU services

As more and more DTT receivers enter homes, it will be increasingly difficult to make changes to the terrestrial platform without requiring viewers to purchase new receivers. This is especially true in an open, horizontal market which often characterises the DTT platform.

Yet, it can be necessary for broadcasters to add new features to their service offering or manufacturers to correct operational faults in their receivers.

The DVB specification for System Software Updates (DVB-SSU) provides teh broadcast industry with a standard means for updating DTT receivers using a broadcast channel in a simple and efficient manner that does not place any burden upon viewers.


DigiTAG SSU Handbook

This handbook provides an overview of the DVB-SSU standard, including technical and business aspects, and explains the benefits that it brings to the broadcast industry as a whole. It also provides a summary of SSU activities in Europe and concludes with several recommendations on how to ensure the success of these services.