HD/DTT services

Introducing HD services on the DTT platform

High-definition television (HDTV) services provide viewers with a new television experience. Currently considered the next-generation of television services, they are gaining momentum around the world and expected to soon become the norm for television viewing.

Making HDTV services available on the digital terrestrial television (DTT) platform has proven more difficult in Europe given that the available spectrum is limited. While other parts of the world, such as the United States and Japan, have made HDTV services an integral part of their DTT platforms, this has not been the case in Europe where DTT services have instead provided viewers with an increase choice in the number of television programme services available.

However, viewer demand for HD/DTT services is strong. Numerous countries have begun HD/DTT trials while two countries, France and Hungary, have launched services. The United Kingdom has announced plans to launch services by the end of 2009.


DigiTAG HD/DTT Handbook

The DigiTAG Handbook on HD / DTT provides an overview of the key issues on providing HD services on the terrestrial platform including spectrum availability, new technologies, consumer expectations and business opportunities.