:: 24/10/2014

United States - FCC to delay spectrum incentive auctions

The Federal Communications Commissio (FCC) has indicated that the spectrum incentive auctions will be delayed until 2016. Initially, the FCC had anticipated holding the auctions in 2015.

According to the FCC, the delay is due to court challenges to auction rules by broadcasters. Based on the court's timeline, it is not expected that a judicial decision will be issued before mid-2015. As a result, the FCC will not begin accepting auction applications until the end of 2015. The auction will begin in early 2016.

However, the FCC remains confident that it will prevail in the courts.

The incentive auctions allow broadcasters to voluntarily give up their spectrum which is then auction to telecom operators for the provision of mobile broadband services. Part of the proceeds generated by the auction is then returned to broadcasters. However, some broadcasters have taken issue with the FCC's methodology for calculating interference and coverage areas.

Source: FCC website