About digitag

DigiTAG's Mission

DigiTAG s mission is to promote and defend digital terrestrial television (DTT) on a worldwide basis bringing together industry players to protect spectrum for broadcasting, regardless of the technical standard used on the DTT platform. DigiTAG seeks to advance and safeguard the development of digital terrestrial television. It encourages and aims to facilitate the introduction and implementation of national DTT platforms regardless of the business model, regulatory regime or technology adopted.

DigiTAG Priorities

DTT Promotion - Raise awareness of the importance and need for terrestrial broadcasting as a service in Europe and other regions around the world as part of a campaign to protect broadcast spectrum.

DTT Spectrum and Network planning Co-ordinate the work to align spectrum activities in preparation for WRC 15 and worldwide.

DTT Market Development - Inform the wider market and the members about market developments providing information to help develop new markets and assist in technology migrations in existing markets.

DTT Product and Service Development Support and enable the evolution of the DTT by producing guidelines to harmonise products and services.